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One of these initiatives is the Milparanga program through the Australia Rural Leadership Foundation which offers programs to develop leaders for rural, regional and remote Australia.  

This program is especially relevant considering the vast areas that our governance operates over with networks in every region across Victoria.

The Milparanga, Developing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Leadership, formerly known as the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program (NATSILP) is an 11-day program which aims for growth as an individual, to develop leadership qualities, to create conversations and broaden perspectives.

This program was an important tool in the development of our East Gippsland broker Megan Solomon, who is a proud Monero Ngarigo woman born and raised in Orbost, East Gippsland,

Megan had a background in health and education and possessed a passion to help community and improve her own self. When the option to participate in the Milparanga program through the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation presented itself, it coincided perfectly with her journey as a community leader and Wurreker broker under the Marrung Education Plan (2016-2026).

“The level of empowerment and growth that I gained from the program was super valuable. I’m naturally a quiet person who doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention but after finishing Milparanga I found an incredible, powerful feeling of “finding my voice” which came with more confidence and different thought processes” said Megan Solomon.

By participating in this program, it has assisted Megan gaining more self-confidence and further developing her leadership qualities through the work she does within community.

It has given me the strength and courage to contribute with more conversations and understand the power I have when I can share my views and ideas with confidence.” – Megan Solomon | Wurreker Broker

Being recognised as a young leader has given Megan the courage and strength to continue to pursue further with leadership development.

“I’ve really learnt to embrace being in states of where I’m not entirely comfortable which is important for people in positions of leadership. I can understand that you can only achieve growth by allowing yourself to be uncomfortable in situations and breaking down the walls and barriers that you’ve built for yourself,

“This has been useful in my community and workplace because it has given me the strength and courage to contribute with more conversations and understand the power I have when I can share my views and ideas with confidence” Added Solomon.

After completing the Milparanga Course, Megan is a member of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Alumni, an active member on both the Koorie Youth Council and Secretary on the Moogji Aboriginal Council in Orbost.

“I would recommend this program to anyone who is young and stepping up into leadership roles in their community or workplace, especially for anyone who is interesting in learning more about themselves and developing new understandings and connections” said Solomon.

Applications for the Milparanga operates over various sessions throughout the year and is available for all Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander people over 21 years and older that have a connection and interest in rural and regional Australia..

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