The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated, or VAEAI, is the peak state-wide Aboriginal community-controlled organisation for education and training in Victoria. We work for our community to build success in education and training.

As an organisation, we have been pushing and fighting for over 40 years, for a holistic education system that genuinely and authentically reflects and respects our prime place in this nation’s history and culture. And for our rights to be actively involved in decisions that affect our communities’ education and training outcomes as First Nations Peoples.

We formed, over 40 years ago, because of the extremely poor education outcomes for our Koorie communities, due to the complete lack of cultural understandings in schools, to make a change.

Koorie communities needed and still need structural and systemic change, to better the educational outcomes of Koorie students, to close the Gap in educational outcomes, and to create a first-class educational environment for all students.


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