VAEAI is a state-wide Koorie Community organisation consisting of eight regions. These regions are divided on the basis of traditional networks with a number of Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECGs) within each region.

Our local advisory arrangements are solidly embedded in local Communities through LAECGs, which are constituent units of VAEAI and have representation on the VAEAI Representative Council (VRC).

Membership to the LAECG is open to all members of the Koorie Community in their respective localities.

LAECG members are local Aboriginal community members who have an interest and commitment to Koorie education, and bring knowledge and experience to Koorie education issues across all sectors. 

Currently there are 30 LAECGs driving educational change and achievement for students and the community.

 If you would lilke to contact our LAECGs directly, please contact our office

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