Koorie education and the partnerships in Victoria have been enhanced since the implementation of the Marrung 10-year Education Plan (2016-2026).

The Marrung 10-year Education Plan (2016-2026) is a strategy developed to ensure that all Koorie Victorians achieve their learning aspirations.

Marrung is the Wemba Wemba word for the Murray Cypress pine tree, which represents the branches of education and knowledge.

The vision of Marrung stipulates that Vctoria will be a state where:

The rich and thriving culture, knowledge and experience of our First Nations peoples are celebrated by all Victorians.

Our universal service systems are inclusive, responsive and respectful of Koorie people at every stage of their learning and development journey.

Every Koorie person achieves their potential, succeeds in life, and feels strong in their cultural identity.

Marrung’s governance is dependent on Koorie communities and stakeholders coming together at local, regional and statewide forums, to discuss education and training needs, issues and priorities for their communities, and feed into DET’s education planning and delivery processes.

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