Our Policy & Research Unit 

Working to the direction of the VAEAI Representative Council, the Policy and Research Unit develop Koorie community based policy advice, and research Aboriginal education issues in Victoria and nationally.

The VAEAI Policy Unit are responsible for analysing and responding to Government policies and programs that impact Aboriginal education and training in Victoria and providing advice to Senior Managers within VAEAI. The Policy unit contributes to advice provided to VAEAI’s Executive team, the VAEAI Representative Council, Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECGs) and VAEAI staff on trends in policies and programs and their implications for the Koorie Community.

The Policy Unit draws from VAEAI’s strong knowledge of Koorie culture and communities, together with a good understanding of education and training policy and the strategic environment, in working with the range of state-wide stakeholders including LAECGs and the wider Koorie community, key Koorie organisations and relevant government departments.

On behalf of VAEAI, the Policy Unit develops responses and advice to Government agencies on Koorie education and training matters. The Policy Unit works in close consultation with a range of internal and external stakeholders to progress initiatives, responses and funding submissions on education and training matters that impact Koorie students, families and communities. The role also includes the provision of high level Secretariat support to a range of committees, roundtables and forums involved in the implementation of the Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026.

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