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VAEAI continue to work in partnership with the Department of Education & Training to provide opportunities and sustainable pathways for Koorie learners and communities.

A part of the ongoing work under Marrung, VAEAI regularly engages with sector stakeholders and the Koorie community to ensure that the outcomes identified in the strategy are embedded in our approach.

As part of Marrung Action 8A, we are working to support Koorie students through the redesign of the VET workforce to ensure that the system better supports Koorie learners in their education, training and qualifications for employment.

Part of this work includes state-wide consultations with local Koorie communities, students and VET sector providers to gain an understanding of what is working well and where we can further enhance the system.

Ongoing collaboration and community consultation has been vital in ensuring that the needs of the community, are well reflected and result in a more effective ability to shape policy and support.

“The partnership we have with government, as well as our community and stakeholders continues to strengthen, said Lionel Bamblett, VAEAI General Manager

“The structure we have now under Marrung has enabled lateral communication and consultation with the community, which then leads into collaboration with government,

“We are able to capture the voice of the community through the current processes and deliver outcomes that benefit all parties involved.”

A key target since the implementation of Marrung has been a focusing on higher learning and employment opportunities which aligns with VAEAI’s birth to death education philosophy.

“Our advocacy is a holistic approach to education and training, however historically the missing ingredient has often been how to improve pathways into higher education and training to further employment opportunities,

“The current relationship with the State and the collaboration in re-designing structures stipulated in Marrung article 8a are resulting in positive changes for the parties involved.” Added Bamblett

VAEAI continue to work on refining the Koorie Education Workforce alongside DET to further improve the VET and TAFE opportunities for Koorie learners

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