Lionel Bamblett

Lionel Bamblett is the General Manager of the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI) and has been involved in Koorie education for over 20 years.
Lionel has provided advice to successive governments in Victoria on measures to improve education and training opportunities for Koorie people in Victoria, and has played a prominent role in promoting Indigenous education and training issues at a local, State and National level.

Lionel has been instrumental in formalising the key policies and strategies in Koorie education including the Partnership in Education: Koorie Education Policy (1990), the Koorie 2000 strategy, the Yalca policy (2001), the Wurreker (2000) strategy and the Wannik strategy (2008).

As a member of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples Training Advisory Council, Lionel was involved in the development of “Partners in a Learning Culture” which has been accepted by all State and Territory Governments. In 1998 Lionel co-authored “Making a difference: The impact of Australia’s Indigenous education and training policy” with Chris Robinson for the National Centre for Vocational Education Research.

In 2008 VAEAI hosted the World Indigenous Peoples Conference: Education (WIPC:E), with Lionel Bamblett as Executive Director. Over 3,000 delegates, representing hundreds of Indigenous nations, travelled from 23 countries to attend the conference.

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