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Collaboration across sectors with funding bodies and government agencies also help to achieve systemic changes in the VET sector by improving the quality and availability of education and training programs and services.

The Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre (PNC) delivers quality pre-accredited courses that support learners to do further study. explore employment pathways and assist them to continue their Learning for life journeys.

PNC was a finalist in the 2018 Annual Wurreker Awards, and has always been committed to improving education and employment outcomes for Indigenous people within the East Gippsland region.

In early 2018 the PNC team identified that pre-accredited training delivery to Indigenous people across Gippsland was minimal.

This led to the Indigenous Learners: Engagement and pathway development project which has been directed by PNC project managers Linda Wilkinson and Karen Fleischer in East Gippsland and supported by The Australian Centre for Further Education Capacity and Innovation Funding,

The project focus was to support Learn Local Organisations (LLOs) to better engage with Indigenous learners, develop pathways for training and improve education and employment outcomes in a more effective way. The project acknowledges the importance of collaboration, consultation and co-design within local Aboriginal community.

The work of partners like the Paynesville Community Centre are crucial for opportunities & engagement.

The project included the development and delivery of a numbers of activities:

– Consultation with Indigenous communities in East Gippsland and Wellington to understand learning needs and to build partnerships between communities and LLOs.

– Co-design of two training courses with the Indigenous community.

– Delivery of Cultural competency training to 12 Learn Local organisations across Gippsland.

– Development of a toolkit to support Learn Locals to engage with Indigenous learners and communities, distributed to Learn Locals across Gippsland.

– Development of a pre-accredited Working in Café course at Gunai Kurnai Lands and Water Corporation (GLaWAC) to support hospitality skills training.

A significant outcome for the project was the delivery of a Working in a Café course.

Following consultation with local community, a partnership was formed between GLaWAC, Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre and Federation Training.

The program introduced community members to the food and beverage industry and operating a café through:

– Enrollment of 12 Indigenous participants in the pre-accredited program, training over 10 weeks for two days each week.

– Support participants with preparation with general employment skills and specific hospitality skills.

It’s crucial to make effective and significant contributions to improving education, training and employment outcomes for local Aboriginal community in regional areas.

VAEAI firmly believes that the strong collaboration, support and passion for improvement for Aboriginal educational and employment outcomes has assisted in ensuring projects like The Indigenous Learners: Engagement and pathway development project are able to succeed.

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