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Strong Brother, Strong Sister is a functional support program driven based on the idea of direct mentoring with a holistic approach to achieve the best outcomes with young Aboriginal people.

The founder and director, Cormach Evans alongside partner Coco Eke, have driven the creation and existence of this program based on the sentiments that to create strong leaders, they must learn from strong leaders.

Strong Brother, Strong Sister is a small organisation that provides Aboriginal youth access to various leadership and mentor programs. The unique structure of the program aims to empower individuals to lead and be in control of their journey.

The design outlay and allowing mentees to lead the way in planning the programs ensures they get the best possible outcomes, support and guidance.

Culture is the core value in all Strong Brother, Strong Sisters Programs seeing over 800 participants across programs two regions, Metro Melbourne and Geelong,

Back on country programs are available for various individuals who are reconnecting with their land and culture.

·         Aboriginal mentoring program

·         Koling Wada- ngal program

·         Aboriginal youth groups

·         Leadership group

·         Schools group program

The programs are mostly accessed by out of home care and are designed and implemented to guide and assist all Indigenous youth.

They provide a culturally appropriate safe place for Aboriginal young people to access and thrive. The structure and programs within the space guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people to achieve excellence.

The outcomes from these programs not only guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people, they also improve Aboriginal young people’s health and well-being

We want every Aboriginal young person to have a Aboriginal mentor to assist them to achieve their greatest dreams….

One of the most rewarding aspects of the programs is seeing individuals break down barriers. Cormach recounts one disengaged individual who had been through the youth mentor program:

“This individual had been through 17 homes – schools over 10 years, This specific mentoring program was designed around his own passion for surfing and skateboarding an activity that allowed this individual to stay connected and engaged, which then followed on with the support and guidance on his return to country journey,

“The outcome now is that this individual is in full-time employment, continues to compete in world surfing comps etc and now has a strong identification with culture and identity.” Said Cormach Evans

Strong Brother, Strong Sister continues to sponsor this individual for Indigenous surfing competitions throughout Australia to this day.

Strong Brother, Strong Sister, now has two locations in Melbourne and Geelong and continues to design and implement support and strengthening structures that will continually improve outcomes for Aboriginal youth within the mentor and leadership programs.

2019 will bring about further programs within various parts of regional Victoria public sector schools and the growth of this initiative will only benefit in providing opportunities, strength of community and reinforce the importance of cultural identity for young Koorie people..

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