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The VAEAI Languages Education & Curriculum Unit is focused on supporting the inclusion of our Aboriginal histories, languages, cultures and perspectives in Early Childhood, schools, VET and Higher education.

VAEAI’s prevailing philosophy is that Aboriginal Studies is an essential part of the education of all students in Australia, and that Aboriginal Education (Community Cultural Development) should be by Koorie people for Koorie people.

“The right of Indigenous peoples to education includes the right to provide and receive education through their traditional methods of teaching and learning, and the right to integrate their own perspectives, cultures, beliefs, values and languages in mainstream education systems and institutions. The right to education for Indigenous peoples is a holistic concept incorporating mental, physical, spiritual, cultural and environmental dimensions.”

United Nations (2009) On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to Education.

“Every child has the right to know the heritage of this country. It is only when this right is upheld, that this Nation will reach its full maturity.”

VAEAI Position Paper: Koorie/Aboriginal Studies and Education (2010)

The VAEAI Languages Education & Curriculum Unit is focused on improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and the wider education community by supporting the inclusion of Aboriginal histories, languages, cultures and perspectives across Early Childhood, Schools, VET and Higher education, in partnership with the Koorie community.

The Languages Education & Curriculum Unit

  • Provides advice and support to educators, education providers and Koorie community members delivering programs and projects related to the teaching of Aboriginal histories and cultures, and Victorian Aboriginal Languages.

  • Produces and promotes education curriculum resources to support learning about Aboriginal histories and cultures, such as the annual Koorie Education Calendar and bi-monthly Koorie Perspectives in Curriculum.

  • Monitors and advises on state and national policies and strategies related to Victorian Aboriginal Languages and the teaching of Victorian Aboriginal histories and cultures.

The Languages Education & Curriculum Unit works in close consultation with a range of internal and external stakeholders

We work in partnership with Department of Education and Training (DET), the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) and the Victorian Corporation for Languages (VACL) to progress the implementation of Aboriginal histories and cultures in education settings.

In particular, VAEAI’s Languages Education & Curriculum Unit works with to support progress relevant actions under the Marrung Education Strategy (2106-26), including Action 2c:

“Increasing the number of Koorie language programs in Victorian kindergartens and schools, by supporting community efforts at language learning through working with the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated and Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages and providing assistance to support Koorie community members to undertake relevant language and teacher training courses.”

We do this by working collaboratively with a range of internal and external stakeholders across a range of committees, forums and working groups responsible for the implementation and monitoring of government policy in relation to Aboriginal languages and curriculum.

You can access information and support on approaching Aboriginal languages in Victorian Schools on our support page by clicking here.

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