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New Koorie Early Years practitioners guide is available.

We have produced this guide, VAEAI Koorie Early Years: Best Practice and Protocols – A Practitioners Guide, in response to requests from early childhood educators on appropriate protocols for center’s to follow when seeking to provide a welcoming educational environment for Victoria’s Koorie communities.

This document provides guidance on how best to incorporate guidance on how best to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood services and increase inclusion of Koorie families through respectful use of protocols and local Koorie structures and community.

The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI) is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation focused on advocating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by providing advice from Koorie communities to Government on Koorie education and training priorities.

The Koorie community has an invaluable role in contributing to education today and into the future by imparting unique cultural knowledge and heritage to the broader community. Valuing Koorie culture and heritage in the Victorian education sector is a key step in the processes of reconciliation and self-determination.

This guide has been discussed and authorised by VAEAI and representatives from Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECG’s), the vehicles through which Koorie parents, carers and community members have a voice in education in Victoria. They represent local Koorie community perspectives and have Statewide coverage.

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