Koorie Education Calendar

Framed around significant events throughout the calendar year, the interactive Koorie Education Calendar has been developed by VAEAI to assist educators and learners alike. The Calendar draws the learner to Victorian Koorie voices, stories and achievements, and  features Koorie leaders, artists, authors, playwriters and more.

The Koorie Education Calendar is updated annually and can assist schools in planning for key events and locating information about Victorian Koorie cultures, histories and perspectives. Designed to be printed on A3 paper.

Any queries or feedback about these resources, please contact [email protected].

We strongly recommend consulting with Aboriginal people and Aboriginal sources for information. Where available, your local LAECG is a good first point of contact and VAEAI can assist with contacts. Try to work with local community people and Elders, and always respect their intellectual and cultural property rights.

Koorie Perspectives in Curriculum Bulletins, Features and Briefs

Focused on Aboriginal Histories and Cultures, the Koorie Perspectives in Curriculum Bulletins, Features and Briefs aim to highlight Victorian Koorie voices, stories, achievements, leadership and connections, and suggest a range of activities and resources around key dates for starters.

Of course any of these topics can be taught at any time throughout the school year, and we encourage you to use the Koorie Perspectives Bulletins and VAEAI’s Koorie Education Calendar for ongoing planning and ideas.  In the multi-media Bulletins, Briefs and Features you will find Victorian Curriculum links to Content Descriptions. Select the code and it will take you directly to the Victorian Curriculum site with additional elaborations.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Subscribe to the Bulletin mailing list by contacting [email protected].

Briefs & Features

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