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According to Principal Andrew Bagnall, the Taungurung Language program at Buxton Primary School led by Taungurung Linguist Lee Healy, is going really well.  This is a very small school with currently only thirteen students. Every primary year level, from Foundation through to Year 6 is involved in the program.

The language team consists of Lee Healy and Andrew Bagnall, the school principal. So far lessons have focussed on everyday vocabulary to get everyone in the habit of using everyday words and instructions. Students have also spent a great deal of time learning about place – where Taungurung Country is, neighbouring groups, and what animals are found in Taungurung Country. Students created card games based on significant landmarks and the animals that habituate these – the Goulburn River, and the Black Range.

At the moment they are investigating bush foods, fire as a resource for land management and farming, and tools, and have developed a pictorial bush food calendar.

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