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Melton West Primary School commenced a Woiwurrung language program in 2016, following over 12 months of negotiations with Traditional Owners, Wurundjeri Tribal Land Council to find the most suitable teaching model.  The program, starting with all preps and taught by Wurundjeri specialist Mathew Gardiner and Rebecca Axford  was a great success from the outset. Due to the shortage of Woiwurrung teachers at this time, the program is not running in 2018. 

Mr Gardiner additionally ran the ‘Koorie Club’ at the school. This involved between 35-40 Aboriginal students. Koorie Club was run weekly in ordinary class time and in 2 groups, i.e. Years P-2 and 3-6 (each attending fortnightly). Koorie club brought the students together and incorporated art, stories, language, discussions – lots of flexibility and avenue for growth. 

Due to the popularity and quick success of the program, there has been a fair amount of local and state media interest in and promotion of the Melton West PS Language program.

To hear Mathew Gardiner talking with 774 ABC about the Melton program, the place of culture in language and reviving language, click on here.

To see how the program featured in the print media click here and here.

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