Victorian Education Excellence Awards

The Victorian Education Excellence Awards are held every year to recognise outstanding schools’ professionals working in Victorian government schools. The awards recognise the inspirational teachers, principals and education support staff who improve schools and support children and young people to develop the skills, courage and curiosity they need to succeed in life.

With 13 categories ranging from individual teacher awards, school awards and inclusion program awards. One important award is the Outstanding Koorie Education award which recognises the exceptional educators in a Victorian government school who have demonstrated a commitment to developing indigenous cultural understanding, and have demonstrated respectful and inclusive teaching and learning practices to improve Koorie student achievement, engagement and wellbeing within their school and broader community.

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Does your school provide the following positive climate for learning?

• Focus on students – Demonstrates positive impact on Koorie student achievement, engagement and well-being through the use of data and evidence–based practice methods to create educational pathways and employment outcomes (where relevant) for Koorie students.
• Quality teaching and learning – Demonstrates a collaborative approach to excellent curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting practices, in response to identified Koorie student learning needs, evidenced through the implementation of the Marrung: Aboriginal Education Plan 2016–2026 (Marrung) and the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model.
• Collaborate with community and the system – Demonstrates partnerships with the Koorie community to develop an understanding of Koorie culture, while positively building the reputation of the Victorian government education system within the broader community. Participates in Communities of Practice, Professional Learning Communities and multidisciplinary teams designed to support Koorie student outcomes.
• Respectful environment – Demonstrates creation of an environment that respects, recognises and celebrates cultural identity, promotes and models culturally responsive teaching and learning, through practice and curriculum consistent with Departmental policies, in particular Marrung.
• Implementing improvement, innovation and change – Demonstrates leadership and implementation of innovative initiatives and programs that meet student needs and are co–designed and delivered in partnership with the Koorie community.

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