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R U OK? have produced the Stronger Together campaign to provide a hub of resources to drive awareness for mental health among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities.

Let’s talk. We are stronger together.

Regardless of where we live, or who our mob is, we can all go through tough times. Times when we don’t feel great about our lives or ourselves. That’s why it’s important to always be looking out for each other. Together, we’re stronger right?’

Ask the question – R U OK?

If someone you know – a family member, someone from your community, a friend, neighbour or workmate – is doing it tough, they won’t always tell you. Sometimes it’s up to us to trust our gut instinct and ask someone who may be struggling, R U OK? By asking and listening, we can help those we care about feel more supported and connected, which can help stop them from feeling worse over time. 

Help to start the conversation

The Conversation Guide contains lots of valuable information on how to go about asking R U OK? as well as the importance of listening with an open mind, encouraging action, and checking in. Posters are available too, to put up in your workplace, school or community group as a reminder to ask people, R U OK?

To access more resources please visit the R U OK? Day, Stronger Together hub here.

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