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VAEAI are committed to providing opportunities through the Koorie Academy of Excellence, a program which continues to engage and inspire Koorie students to take control of their education and future.

The program has provided a fantastic outlet and support for Koorie learners and continues to grow, with three added areas Wimmera South West, Ovens Murray and Outer Gippsland confirmed in 2019.

“The growth of the Koorie Academy of Excellence has been phenomenal, said VAEAI General Manager Lionel Bamblett.

“The encouragement to complete secondary schooling has been effective and the opportunities that are being provided for Koorie learners as they head towards graduation are assisting with higher learning and employment. We have continually grown the program and it keeps gaining momentum.”

The Koorie Academy of Excellence was first established in 2012 and is committed to providing an environment that compliments students’ day to day learning with academy members are exposed to a broad range of leadership, cultural and social activities that are designed to find their strengths and aspirations.

“The whole idea has a foundation of three key areas. Leadership qualities, re-affirmation of culture and academic development. We want these students achieving to the highest standard possible whilst being proud of their culture and comfortable in their own skin,

“The idea is that the students will gain the confidence and qualities to be able to achieve, whatever they want to do in life.” Added Bamblett

For Bamblett there had always been aspirations of developing this program and to see it take off has been a dream come true. The job isn’t done yet however with a focus on strengthening relationships and providing more opportunities in the future.

“What we want to do is progress this program to the point that partnerships and external stakeholders and business entities are working with us to provide further opportunities. We want to better involve them in the program, so they can contribute and support Koorie education and the academy,

“For an example of these relationships, we had an initiative where the students from the Koorie Academy visit the Microsoft headquarters in Sydney to get an insight into the structure and occupations available for their programming.

“These partnerships and collaboration with business and the community will be important as we progress the Koorie Academy of Excellence.”

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