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School term 2 has commenced with most students learning from home and for families with children who have additional needs, this disruption to daily routine can be difficult for all involved. Being well informed can ease anxieties and provide families with support; so we’ll be sharing information regularly about where you can find support for children with disabilities. In Victoria, there are exceptions for children who can continue to attend school, including children with disabilities, children in out-of-home care and children who are vulnerable. Attending school is often a necessary respite for children and families, you can find more information from the Department of Education and Training, here:

The following webpages all have information and supports that can help:

Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training has released information on supporting children with additional needs in learning from home. There are tips for helping your child’s learning, communicating with teachers about homework, and how to assist in building confidence whilst learning. This page also links to many resources with information on specific learning difficulties. To read this information from the Department of Education and Training, click here.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance scheme are providing information to participants about how they will continue to help during the pandemic. This includes planning meetings happening over the phone rather than in person and plans being extended for up to 24 months. To read more from the NDIS, click here.


Amaze has great resources on positive tips and activities specific to people with autism during the pandemic. This includes tips on doing schoolwork at home, taking care of mental and physical wellbeing and connecting with others. To this information from Amaze, click here.

As other information and resources become available from organisations we’ll share them across our networks. You can contact VAEAI by phone at 03 9481 0800, or by email at [email protected].

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