Our University Unit (Toorong Marnong) 


The Toorong Marnong Higher Education Accord is jointly auspiced by VAEAI and the Victorian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (VCCC). It aims to develop ways in which the nine Victorian universities can co-operate to enhance their engagement with Koorie communities.

Toorong Marnong means ‘joined hands’ in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri people on whose land most Victorian universities are located. 

The Accord was initiated to improve higher education retention rates and outcomes for Indigenous students. 

A formal partnership between the universities and VAEAI has been established through the Toorong Marnong Victorian Higher Education Accord. Work within the initiative falls under the key program areas of: increasing participation; increasing retention; celebrating success; and monitoring effectiveness.

The Accord was re-signed in 2015 at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Conference (NATSIEC), held in Melbourne and hosted by VAEAI.

Current priorities include:

  • the development of a student tracking tool,
  • more effective joint marketing between universities,
  • system-wide information for students,
  • A Toorong Marnong website that enables Koorie students to search for courses and receive further information from Universities and TAFEs, and
  • developing an Indigenous studies framework for pre-service teacher.

The Toorong Marnong Hotdesk is available annually in December, upon release of ATAR results. The purpose of this Hotline is to provide students who have recently received their ATAR scores with easy access to Aboriginal academic and administrative advisors who can answer their questions about university enrolment, options and pathways.


The Hotline number is 1800 862 827 (1800 TM ATAR) 

Click here for the support section of VAEAI’s website.


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