The ongoing bush fires in our rural Victorian communities have raised the need to source donations to ensure that the affected families are supported.

We will be accepting physical and financial donations to ensure that various resources will assist our people and help them through this incredibly difficult time.

If you wish to contribute to the cause; here is how.


Toiletries – Deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, razors, sanitary items, packaged soap, aftershave, toothbrushes, toothpaste.

Baby Goods – Nappies, bottles and jars of baby food

These items can be delivered to our office at 144 Westbourne Grove, Northcote between 3pm – 8pm on Wednesday, January 8. Staff will be in attendance to log your donations and provide you with a receipt.

Please ensure that the donations are in their original packaging and haven’t been opened.


ATM’s in rural areas are out of cash. So we will be accepting gift cards for Woolworths, Coles, Target and cards accepted by petrol stations. Some areas beyond Lakes Entrance don’t have any of the retailers above, so we recommend donating pre-paid Mastercard’s which can be purchased at Australia Post Offices.

If you deliver gift card donations to our Northcote office during tomorrow’s drive, you will be provided with a physical receipt.

If you can’t get to the Northcote office and wish to donate digitally, you can do so by sending an e-gift card to Please ensure that the email includes your name and other relevant information and you will be sent a digital receipt.

Where will my donations go?

We will distribute the proceeds through an internal process to people and families affected by the bushfires in Victoria.

This will be done in collaboration with fellow Aboriginal organisations and the Aboriginal Co-Operatives in the affected areas. We will distribute a report of the types and amount of resources we were able to raise and will inform everyone on where it will go after the relief drive has been completed. 

If you have any queries regarding the Bushfire Relief – Community Collections, please feel free to email us at or drop a line at 03 9481 0800

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