Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECGs) are voluntary bodies made up of a broad range of local Koorie community members. The members of LAECGs dedicate their time to improving the education opportunities of Koorie people in their local community.


LAECGs play a significant role in providing a locally based link between Koorie communities and education institutions.

LAECGs were formed as a result of parent seminars held in the 1970s by the VAECG. In 1978 there were 5 LAECGs, now there are 32. The success of efforts to include Koorie communities in education decision making can be seen in the growth of LAECGs.

All LAECGs have representation on the VAEAI Representative Council (VRC). The Chair of each LAECG sits on the VRC. Membership to the LAECG is open to all Koorie people, and non-Koorie parents of Koorie children, in the community where they live.

The role of LAECGs includes:

  • Providing advice on all education and training matters that affect Koorie students.
  • Monitoring the current trends in education and training that impact on all Koorie students.
  • Providing an advocate role for Koorie students and their families in respect of education matters.
  • Providing representation to local and regional committees and forums in relation to education and training.
  • Providing representation to all VAEAI forums.

LAECGs are the vehicle through which parents and community members can have a say about all matters relating to their and their children's education. They are the core of the organisations' function in that they represent local community perspectives.

The basic principle of the VAEAI is local community control; LAECGs are the foundation of this principle. The structure of VAEAI with LAECGs as its core allows for a process of continuous and systematic consultation with Koorie communities across Victoria. VAEAI's strength lies in this structure, and is the means by which the organisation can legitimately provide an advocate function for the Koorie community.

LAECGs are the first point of contact for any Koorie education or training matter at the local level.