Resources for Parents and Carers

Koorie Pathways Magazine: second edition

Extra Extra! We have now released the second edition of the Koorie Pathways Magazine. This mag provides Koorie learners with information about how to transition across pathways through education, training and employment. Favorite segments include the "Ask Anjee" advice column, a 'Where Are They Now?' on our past Koorie Yr 12 Graduates, and a comprehensive list of contacts for TAFE, university and school-based Koorie supports.

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Koorie Kids with Special Needs radio show

Since late 2014, VAEAI has been broadcasting the Koorie kids with special needs radio program on 1503 AM 3KND. The show is about talking to parents and caregivers of Koorie children who have special needs, and people working in the field of disabilty about the range of programs that are on offer for kids with special needs.

3KND broadcaster Garry Hansen hosts the program. We are very appreciative of all of our Koorie parents and disability support professionals who have come in to share their knowledge. We hope that other families listening in will get useful advice and know that there is support available for your child.

Tune in to the program every Thursday at 12.00 p.m 1503 AM 3KND. To listen online:

  • Visit the 3KND website: and click 'Listen Online'.
  • Your computer will ask if you want to save the media file. Click 'save'.
  • Use Windows Media Player to play this file (MAC iOS instructions forthcoming).

Koorie Kids with Special Needs Magazine

VAEAI's first edition of Koorie Kids with Special Needs is a magazine focusing completely on the support available for Koorie children and young people with a disability and/or special needs. This is a magazine for families, for community members, and for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the programs, services, and assistance available.

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Koorie Pathways Magazine: first edition

Are you a young Koorie parent who is thinking about returning to study? You can do it! Leann Baksh talks to VAEAI about going back to study after having kids (on page 68). Produced by VAEAI in 2014, this magazine is also a great resource for Koorie students thinking about what they might want to do when they finish school.

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DET Guidelines and Factsheets

The School Attendance Policy offers strategies to encourage high levels of school attendance and provides advice and information to support schools and School Attendance Officers to meet their responsibilities and duties. More information is available here.

The Student Engagement and Inclusion Guidance aims to provide a safe and positive learning experience for all students where they are engaged and supported to reach their full potential, through providing advice, resources and strategies for schools. The full guidance can be read here.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has released a fact sheet for Koorie parents/caregivers which provides information on suspension and expulsion procedures:

DET suspension and expulsion factsheet


Student Attendance in Schools

DET has published two brochures related to student attendance at primary school and high school for parents and carers. They highlight how going to school every day is the single most important part of your children's education.

Primary School attendance

High School attendance

VAEAI has published a poster that highlights the importance of student attendance in schools and the learning gaps that can come about as a result of students missing time in school, ranging from just 10 minutes per day to 3 days per week. This poster can be printed out and displayed in schools.



Support for children in out-of-home care

DET provides a range of programs and services to support Koorie children living away from their parents. DET has produced a factsheet that provides information about the early years programs and services available for Koorie children living away from their parents:

Aboriginal early years fact sheet

LOOKOUT Education Support Centres have been established in every DET region to support all school students living in out-of-home care. A Koorie Cultural Advisor is based at every LOOKOUT Centre to specifically support Koorie students.

The full list of resources available to support children, students and carers are available on the DET website.


Supporting your child's learning

There are lots of ways to support your child's learning, whether it be early years, school, or post-school pathways. Your involvement with your child's learning helps your child to achieve the best possible outcomes. DET has published a website specifically to assist parents and carers in supporting their child's learning, including tips for helping with homework, and literacy and numeracy. The website is available here.

You can also be involved in your child's learning by being involved with their school; for example volunteering on the school council or parents' club. Read more about this here.