Financial Assistance and Support

Course fees

Most TAFE courses involve fees of some sort. Information on course fees can be found at:

Indigenous Completions Initiative - in many cases Indigenous students can undertake their courses at reduced fees. Information about TAFE fees can be found at:



For Indigenous secondary or tertiary student or a full-time Australian Apprentice, Abstudy may help students stay at school or go on to further studies. Abstudy includes a fortnightly living allowance and other payments to help with the costs of studying. Find out more at:


Student loans

Student loans under the Government HECS/ HELP programs are also available to assist students to participate in TAFE, University and some private registered training organisations. Information on student loans can be found at:



Some TAFEs and Universities offer scholarships that are sometimes linked to study in a particular area. Go to the TAFE or University website for specific information.

The following are direct links to scholarship pages.



Organisational Scholarships

Some scholarships are available from organisations for study at your chosen institution.

  • Victorian Department of Human Services - for scholarships associated with training or higher education in health and community services.
  • Trinity College - residential college at the University of Melbourne, a range of scholarships with some covering all accommodation costs.

Postgraduate scholarships

For information on postgraduate course scholarships explore:

  • Joint Academic Scholarship Online Network (JASON) - JASON is a search engine that contains information about postgraduate scholarships for Australian students wishing to study at home or abroad, and for international students wishing to study in Australia.