Through VAEAI the Victorian Koorie Community have maintained and strengthened a partnership arrangement with the Victorian State Government. In October 2001 both the Victorian State Government and VAEAI recommitted to this partnership with the launch of Yalca: Koorie Education Policy.


The goal of the partnership is to build success in Koorie education and training through Koorie community participation in education decision making. This partnership was first formalised in 1990 under the Partnership in Education: Koorie Education Policy.

Yalca acknowledges that local Koorie communities, through Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECGs), are best able to determine local education and training needs.

Yalca, meaning Yellow Box gum tree in the Yorta Yorta language, supports a birth-to-death philosophy of education, placing the Koorie student at the centre of education policy and decision making.

VAEAI firmly believes that the student must always be at the centre of all education decision making. So whatever institutional changes occur, this does not disrupt the student getting the best out of their education. With this approach in place, the goals of Koorie students are always the most important consideration.

Yalca provides the framework to develop strategies and programs that keep the student at the centre and enable Koorie communities to have direct involvement with education institutions.

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Yalca is the policy foundation that underpins all VAEAI strategies from early childhood through to post compulsory education and training.