Koorie kids with special needs on 3KND

9 April 2015 | General Interest

Our radio show will be starting up on Thursday 16th April! Tune into 1503 AM 3KND every Thursday from 12.00-1.00pm!


In September 2014 VAEAI began broadcasting the Koorie kids with special needs radio program from 1503 AM 3KND.

What we are doing is talking to parents and caregivers of Koorie children who have special needs. We are talking about their experiences and how they accessed support for their kids. We are also talking to people working in the field of disabilty about the range of programs that are on offer for kids with special needs.

3KND broadcaster Garry Hansen hosts the program.

We are very appreciative of all of our Koorie parents and disability support professionals who have come in to share their knowledge. We hope that other families listening in will get useful advice and know that there is support available for your child.

Tune in to the program every Thursday at 12.00 p.m 1503 AM 3KND.

If you are the parent/caregiver of a Koorie child who has special needs and would like to share your story VAEAI would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Vaso Elefsiniotis at VAEAI on 03 9481 0800 or email vaso@vaeai.org.au. You can also contact us on Facebook - you can find us here!

Homepage image: Courtesy of W. Li on Flickr.