International Mother Language Day

21 February 2019 | General Interest

February 21 commemorates International Mother Language Day, celebrating language diversity and variety worldwide. 

This is a day to celebrate languages spoken world-wide, especially in Australia, and to highlight the importance of preserving linguistic diversity and the human right to use these languages.

The day holds great importance not only as a cause, but as a reminder to honour the people and the events that have influenced the fight to embrace original languages. The arrival of International Mother Language Day also coincides with the International Year of Indigenous Languages, with VAEAI already promoting a variety of initiatives. 

Please have a look at the information below for the latest projects regarding Victorian Aboriginal languages as well as resources for learning, teaching and growing. 

First Languages Map of Australia

Studying and Learning Endangered Aboriginal Languages 

Victorian Koorie Languages in Schools 

Koorie Perspectives in Cirriculum January-February


The pioneering event for International Mother Language Day occurred in 1952 when four students in Bangladesh were killed whilst campaigning to speak their mother language during the Bengali language movement.

Did you know that there are approximately 250 Aboriginal languages (around 500 including dialects) in Australia, and around 40 Aboriginal languages in Victoria?