New teaching resource sheds light on a little-known chapter of Victoria's past

7 August 2017 | General Interest

We're extremely pleased to announce the release of the CORANDERRK - TEACHER RESOURCE PACKAGE.

Aligned to the Victorian Curriculum, this online resource package is targeted to Years 9 and 10: History & Civics and Citizenship, and can be easily adapted for other year levels.

The Coranderrk - Teacher Resources Package was developed  by Social Education Victoria Inc. in partnership with the  Vic. Department of Education and Training and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc., as part of the Minutes Of Evidence Project (hosted by the University of Melbourne and funded by the Australian Research Council 2011-2016).

The Minutes of Evidence project overall sheds light on a little-known chapter of Victoria's past, the 1881 Parliamentary Inquiry into the Aboriginal Reserve at Coranderrk, in order to spark conversations about history and structural justice, and to raise awareness about the importance of collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to promote a just and shared future. The project creates 'meeting points' in schools, on Country, in theatres and between scholars, so that the nation's past — and present — can be explored, shared and interrogated in new and engaging ways.

The Coranderrk Teacher Resource Package, comprising of various audio/video and written materials, is housed on FUSE (Find, Use, Share Education) - a Department of Education and Training (Victoria) digital repository and sharing space. Materials  offer links to useful websites, relevant images, video, audio, documents and other rich media types with resources tagged according to school audience.

A filmed version of the verbatim play, Coranderrk: we will show the country, has been produced specifically for this resource. Teachers and students are able to stream or download the video clips scene by scene, for use in their humanities classrooms. In addition, interviews with writers and the cast of this production have been provided to offer important background and context to the production.

Using this resource as part of the curriculum:

This resource has been designed for use primarily with the Victorian Curriculum, especially focused on the Years 9 and 10 levels for the Humanities (History and Civics & Citizenship) subjects. Resources on this site have been linked where possible to the relevant strands of History where possible, ('Historical Concepts and Skills' and 'Historical Knowledge') and Civics and Citizenship ( 'Government and Democracy', 'Laws and Citizens', and 'Citizenship, Diversity and Identity').

The history engaged with in this resource is for all Victorians (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) AND importantly not limited to those who were or are part of Coranderrk. While Coranderrk is a central element, and the land on which it exists is Wurundjeri, it is essential that we also consider Aboriginal perspectives that go beyond any one perspective. For example, there were other reserves/missions in Victoria – and Aboriginal people from other communities and areas, right across Australia - whose movements and cultural expressions were determined and controlled by government policies and management practices.

Click on the FUSE link to access the package.

For any communication pertaining to the Minutes of Evidence Coranderrk Curriculum & Teacher Resource Package, including ideas and suggestions, please contact the team by email at: