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June 2016: Koorie Pathways Magazine

Extra Extra! We have now released the second edition of the Koorie Pathways Magazine. This mag provides Koorie learners with information about how to transition across pathways through education, training and employment. Favorite segments include the "Ask Anjee" advice column, a 'Where Are They Now?' on our past Koorie Yr 12 Gradutes, and a comprehensive list of contacts for TAFE, university and school-based Koorie supports.

Download your free copy of the VAEAI Koorie Pathways 2016 edition here.


May 2016

2016 has so far been both exciting and fruitful, with celebrating the 20 recipients of the Wannik Scholarships and the achievements of the 560 Koorie students that graduated from Year 12 (VCE, VCAL, VET in School Certificate) in 2015, and the resumption of the Koorie Kids with Special Needs radio show, just to name a few.

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February 2016: Koorie Kids with Special Needs Magazine

VAEAI's first edition of Koorie Kids with Special Needs is a magazine focusing completely on the support available for Koorie children and young people with a disability and/or special needs. This is a magazine for families, for community members, and for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the programs, services, and assistance available.



January 2016: 2015 Koorie Year 12 Yearbook

VAEAI's 2015 Koorie Year 12 Yearbook is now available! This Yearbook features the unique voices of Koorie Year 12 graduates from the class of 2015, from all around the state of Victoria.

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April 2015

In 2014 a record number of Koorie students graduated from Year 12 - 512 students in total. Congratulations to all graduates on their achievements! We are also very excited to announce that VAEAI, as the host of the 2015 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Conference (NATSIEC) is now inviting presenters to apply to be part of the conference program. All this news plus more in our latest newsletter.

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January 2015

Our first IPSU newsletter for the year brings you updates on the last IPSU Alliance meeting, recent professional development sessions, celebrate the 40th anniversary of Njernda Aboriginal Corporation and highlight developments that have taken place at a state and federal policy level.

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December 2014

In our last newsletter for the year, we celebrate the graduations of Year 12 Koorie students across the state. We are proud to announce that we have published two new resources on our website: a guide on Protocols for Koorie Education in Victorian Primary and Secondary Schools and the VAEAI Koorie Education Calendar! Until next year, we wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.

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November 2014

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the 2014 Wurreker Awards for the positive difference they make to the Koorie community! In this edition we are very excited to share with you VAEAI's first magazine designed specifically for Koorie school students considering their options upon finishing school (see below), and talk about VAEAI's radio program focusing on Koorie kids with special needs.

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October 2014: Pathways Magazine

The 2014 Pathways Magazine has arrived! Produced by VAEAI, this magazine is a great resource for Koorie students thinking about what they might want to do when they finish school. Just how many options are there? Pathways looks at them all, and includes personal stories about finishing school and the journey after.

Download your copy here. Senior Koorie secondary students will be receiving copies through their school in early November! 


September 2014

Every year we celebrate the achivements of Koorie Year 12 students finishing off their high school years, and this year we are inviting them to participate in the Koorie Year 12 Yearbook (deadline for entries close Friday 7 November, get in quick!). We're also quite excited to be running Big Day Out, a careers expo for those wanting to explore university options. Congratulations also to the MACS educators from Lulla’s Children and Family Centre in Shepparton, who graduated with either a Diploma or Certificate III in Children’s Services!

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August 2014: IPSU Special

In this special edition we talk all things IPSU-related (Indigenous Professional Support Unit). This newsletter provides information on professional development in early childhood, upgrading qualifications and accessing resources online. The Indigenous Professional Support Unit (IPSU) is a program funded by the Australian Government Department of Education to deliver services under the Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP). VAEAI is responsible for the coordination and delivery of the IPSU in Victoria.

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July 2014

NAIDOC Week, which runs annually in the first full week of July, is one of our most enjoyable times of the year. It's a great time to celebrate achievements and successes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We also celebrate the recipients of the Wannik Education Scholarships, who were recognised at an awards ceremony held in late June at the Parliament of Victoria.

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May 2014

We're now in the middle of National Reconciliation Week, with a whole host of events being run across Victoria and the country. We have put together a useful page on the significant days of the month of June with some handy resources. Read more about jobs and training opportunities for Koories, a classroom resources register Tuckerbag plus more in our May Newsletter.

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March 2014

Here at VAEAI we've had a busy start to 2014. In February we hosted the first statewide graduation ceremony for the Koorie students who graduated from Year 12 in 2013. We are so proud of the number of graduating Koorie students that continues to increase each year. We are also exploring the digital age a little further with our first electronic newsletter, please see the link below.

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December 2012

What. A. Year! 2012 has been a huge year in Koorie education and training in Victoria, and VAEAI would like to thank you - our parents, students, community members and everyone who contributed their valuable time time to helping VAEAI make a difference for the better for our Koorie learners!

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September 2012

The VACSAL state-wide Junior Carnival was held on Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th September in Ballarat. VAEAI was involved in the marquee expo on the day, handing out VAEAI show bags filled with goodies for all the kids including puzzles, lollies and hats.

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June 2012

VAEAIs Committee of Management (COM) had their first meeting for 2012 on the 19th-20th of March. Members of the COM including LAECG representatives, VAEAI Office Bearers, Specialist Representatives and other community members made valuable contributions to the meeting, held over a 2 day period in Geelong at Deakin University’s Institute of Koorie Education (IKE).

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March 2012

First of all, the VAEAI Community would like to wish you a belated Happy New Year! We hope your 2012 has gotten off to a good start, especially in your involvement with education and training!

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December 2005

With the end of year very near the Wurreker Brokers are finalizing their Key stakeholder forums. To date these forums have been held in the Metropolitan, Loddon Campaspe, Murray Valley, Goulburn Valley and South Western Regions.

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June 2005

The Premiers Drug Prevention Council (DHS) funded project aims to look at the role of the early years / early intervention and the role of education as a preventative strategy.

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April 2005

The Victorian Adult Learner’s Week Awards showcase the many examples of personal success and community growth made possible by Adult Community Education (ACE).

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December 2004

This year the Research Unit will be working on a number of new projects.

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December 2003

In 2001 the Department of Human services (DHS) and the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) agreed to review the Koorie Early Childhood Education Program (KECEP)...

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