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 Koorie Inclusion Consultant

The Koorie Inclusion Project Officer will be part of VAEAI’s Early Years team providing support to the delivery of an Inclusion Support Program (ISP) for Aboriginal children in Early Childhood and Child Care (ECCC) Services in Victoria. The project includes building the capacity of mainstream ECCC services to support the inclusion of Koorie children and their families through developing tools and resources, providing learning and mentoring support to ECCC staff and raising the awareness of the Koorie Community about ECCC services and their entitlements to support.

The Koorie Inclusion Support Officer is specifically responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with Koorie communities, Aboriginal Peak organisations and other key stakeholders in early years services; providing advice on cultural issues relevant to the delivery of early years services to Koorie children; and helping the Multi-functional Aboriginal Childcare Services (MACS) to understand the resources and support that Koorie children and their families can access.

VAEAI is looking for someone who is a good communicator, has strong skills in networking and building relationships with key stakeholders (including universal Inclusion Support Officers, Regional ISP Team leaders, government staff and the Koorie community) and is passionate about Koorie children having the best opportunities and experiences in early childhood and childcare services.

Click Here for a copy of the position description and submit your application along with your address to the key selection criterea to:

Applications Close 3rd May 2019

Please contact Anjee-lee Bamblett on 03 94810800 for further information

Only Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people are eligible to apply
An exemption has been granted under Section 83 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 (A64/2001)