VAEAI’s work in the schools sector is focused on ensuring that Victorian schools have high expectations of Koorie students, deliver high quality education programs, and respect Koorie culture.


The Koorie community wants our young people to be supported to excel in all fields. We want our future generations to be represented in every profession and industry. We also want Koorie students to have a strong sense of self. We want Koorie young people to know who they are, both as individuals and as a part of the Koorie community.

Koorie Year 12 graduates from the 2014 cohort at VAEAI's Statewide Koorie Year 12 graduation celebration, Aborigines Advancement League, February 2015.

Koorie students must feel that the school environment respects and welcomes them completely. The cultural identity Koorie students develop in their home and community must have a place in the classroom.

In recent years there has been a significant growth in the numbers of Koorie students graduating from Year 12. Building on from 380 graduates in 2013, there were 516 Koorie Year 12 graduates, followed by 560 graduates in 2015 (source: DET data).