Koorie State Training Plan

The Koorie State Training Plan is used to inform Koorie students and communities, and training providers, of opportunities for participation in the Victorian VET system.

The Koorie State Training Plan is the key state-wide planning document to support the successful participation of Koorie students in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Victoria. It highlights training pathways with the aim of achieving sustainable and satisfying employment outcomes for Koorie Victorians.

The Plan provides a snapshot of Koorie participation in VET for the year, and details opportunities for future training opportunities that meet Koorie aspirations for training and help ‘close the gap’ on Indigenous social and economic disadvantage. Importantly, it also serves to support VET training providers to understand these aspirations and to effectively plan their training delivery to Koorie students in partnership with community.

The 2012 Koorie State Training Plan can be viewed here.