Wurreker Strategy

The Wurreker Strategy was developed by the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI) in partnership with the Victorian State Government and was launched in July 2000. Wurreker enables the development of:

  • policy and planning frameworks at local, regional and state levels,
  • systems and processes for allocation of resources needed to support the Koorie community to achieve quality outcomes in Vocational Education and Training (VET),
  • approaches which foster an equal partnership between Koorie communities and VET providers, and
  • community involvement in decision-making about VET at the local level.

Since being launched in 2000, Wurreker has continued to gain recognition and traction as an effective means of building strong links between Koorie communities and training providers

How the Wurreker Strategy works

VAEAI employs eight Wurreker brokers, one based in each of the following Victorian regions:

  • Metropolitan Melbourne
  • South Western
  • Central Highlands Wimmera
  • Murray Valley
  • Loddon Campaspe
  • Goulburn Valley
  • East Gippsland
  • Central Gippsland

Wurreker Brokers work with Koorie communities through LAECGs, training providers and Industry Groups to assess training needs and opportunities. The research conducted by the Wurreker Brokers informs the development of VAEAI’s Koorie State Training Plan, which is published annually.

  1. Wurreker Brokers conduct research with regional VET providers, local government and employment and industry bodies to identify employment trends, opportunities and information related to Koorie education and training participation and outcomes.
  2. Key stakeholder forums are held to discuss the projected employment and industry growth within each region. Representatives attend from local government, industry, training bodies and the local Koorie community.
  3. Local Koorie Community Forums enable the local Koorie community to make informed decisions on their future training needs, based on projected employment and industry growth within the region.
  4. Wurreker Regional Committees gather information from the regional key stakeholders and local Koorie community forums for the development of their Regional Training Profile indicating training priorities for the forthcoming year.
  5. Regional Training Profiles are endorsed by the Wurreker Regional Committees and submitted to VAEAI to inform the VAEAI Koorie State Training Plan.
  6. The Koorie State Training Plan is developed by VAEAI in consultation with the Industry Specialist Advisory Group which endorses the Plan.
  7. The Koorie State Training Plan is submitted to the Victorian Skills Commission (VSC)